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Let me be plane

I thought I might just put up a few photos from the Duxford airshow on the 13th September 2014.

We went for the day, as I had never been before and wanted to see some aeroplanes. I know practically nothing about them, I just enjoy taking photos and enjoyed watching the show. The only thing that did stress me out a tad, was trying to get out of the car park at the end of the show. It took almost an hour to get out! I did pick a good spot to take photos from, but was standing for several hours without moving much. I refuse to go to the trouble of bringing a camping chair and then leaving it unattended as so many hundreds of people seemed to be doing. It did make me smile that three older looking gentlemen had managed to secure the only bench for the proceedings.

It was a perfectly pleasant day for the weather, even if I did catch the sun slightly and Kieran slightly more than that. We saw some of the same aeroplanes in the museum as in the air, and in my mind there is no contest. It is much better to see them in use than stuffed into the corner of a room. The highlight was most definitely seeing and hearing the Vulcan bomber. The artist in me can only wonder at the design. Anyway I hope you enjoy these photos.