2017 Mock Draft (Ravens)

So I felt like doing a Mock Draft this year – so here it is. It is full of (non)expert opinions, and a significant lack of QBs (because none of them are that good). It won’t be very accurate, but let’s face it…no other Mock Drafts are really anyway!

1: Cleveland Browns: Miles Garrett (DE) Texas A&M

Even the Cleveland Browns aren’t stupid enough to pass on Garrett…surely…surely…

2: San Francisco 49ers: Solomon Thomas (DE) Stanford

Most people think the 49ers want to trade down, but won’t have any takers. The 49ers need to rebuild their whole team, but Kyle Shanahan should make the offense better with or without the 2nd pick, so they take a dominant D lineman.

3: Chicago Bears: Jamal Adams (S) LSU

John Fox needs to save his job, and he’s not going to do it on offense with Mike Glennon, so why not boost their defense right now, and for the future.

4: Jacksonville Jaguars: Leonard Fournette (RB) LSU

Two LSU players go back to back, the Jags help out the rather beleaguered Blake Bortles (I couldn’t resist the alliteration), with the best RB in the draft.

5: Tennessee Titans: Marshon Lattimore (CB) Ohio State

If Lattimore is still there at 5 the Titans will run the card up to the desk, and spend their first pick of the draft on the best corner.

6: New York Jets: O.J. Howard (TE) Alabama

I don’t like the idea of taking a Tight End this early, but boy is Howard good enough. Jets need about 53 better players than they have right now, and the only reason they don’t snap up Howard’s teammate Jonathon Allen is that their D Line is better than any other part of their team.

7: Los Angeles Chargers: Malik Hooper (S) Ohio State

It might be a surprise that Hooper falls this far, but the Chargers will have huge smiles on their faces. Great player, great match.

8: Carolina Panthers: Christian McCaffrey (RB) Standford

With Fournette gone, Panthers take one of the more intriguing prospects in the draft, that gives huge help to Cam Newton. I’m sad because I would love McCaffrey in Baltimore.

9: Cincinnati Bengals: Jonathon Allen (DE) Alabama

How did Allen fall here? Not sure but the draft can be odd like that. Fantastic player, and starts to fill some of the gapping holes on the Bengals roster.

10: Buffalo Bills: Mike Williams (WR) Clemson

Buffalo don’t seem convinced on Tyrod Taylor, but his new OC Rick Dennison at least should be in his corner, and hopefully his voice is loud enough to stop Doug Whaley waste another first round pick on a dubious quarterback. Instead they take another big-bodied WR in the draft, to complement Sammy Watkins (who the Bills are also not convinced on…)

11: New Orleans Saints: Reuben Foster (LB) Alabama

Foster may drop due to character concerns (dodgy crowd, dilute sample, hospital craziness), but he won’t drop far, I think the Saints would be ecstatic to add a leader, and defensive play caller at this point.

12: Cleveland Browns: Mitchell Trubisky (QB) North Carolina

Full disclosure: I’m don’t really like any of the top QB’s in the draft, and Trubisky could be the best or the worst of them. but I think if the Browns resist the temptation pick one, they won’t be able to pick twelve.

13: Arizona Cardinals: Haason Reddick (LB) Temple

I think Reddick could go anywhere between 5 and 20, and in this mock, he’s too good for the Cards to pass on.

14: Philadelphia Eagles: David Njoku (TE) Miami

The Eagles take a Tight End, that could even be a receiver. If this pick gets read out Thursday night, Carson Wentz will have a huge smile on his face.

15: Indianapolis Colts: Taco Charlton (DE) Michigan

The Colts could do with a rusher, and Charlton is probably the best still available on my board. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Colts took an O Lineman just to help Luck out some more either.

16: Baltimore Ravens: Corey Davis (WR) Western Michigan

Full Disclosure: I’m a Ravens fan, but I’ve already picked about 4 players I want the Ravens to take, so this may be a heart more than head pick.

Cornerback is a need, but I think that can be address in round 2. I love the idea of Takk McKinley from UCLA, as he fits a need, and i think the Ravens would be very happy with him…but…I think despite his recent track record, Ozzie Newsome takes a receiver. I think Corey Davis is the best receiver in the draft, a great route runner, and will be good in both the short, and deep passing game, and I think he fits the Ravens perfectly.

17: Washington Redskins: Marlon Humphrey (CB) Alabama

I think the Redskins would love to pick up a complement to Josh Norman.

18: Tennessee Titans: John Ross (WR) Washington

The fastest guy ever at the combine, the Titans get another great piece to use with Marcus Mariota. (Yes after the Ravens picks these capsules will get smaller!)

19: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dalvin Cook (RB) Florida State

I have a sneaky suspicion that the Bucs may take Joe Mixon here, the danger with pairing Mixon and Winston on the same team is the domestic violence/assault allegations combinations, but I think Jason Licht is one of the few GM’s that might feel comfortable enough to take Mixon in round one. However having said that, I’m taking Dalvin Cook, still not a safe pick with character concerns, but safe than Mixon.

20: Denver Broncos: Ryan Ramczyk (OT) Wisconsin

O Lineman are not safe picks, not anymore, but Denver needs one, and a Wisconsin O Lineman is usually safer than others.

21: Detroit Lions: Malik McDowell (DT) Michigan State

Takk is still falling…but the Detroit Lions take a very solid interior Defensive Lineman with their pick.

22: Miami Dolphins: Takkarist McKinley (DE) UCLA

At last Takk goes, and fills a need on the Dolphins.

23: New York Giants: Gareon Conley (CB) Ohio State

Giants see the run on corner backs starting so grab one while they can.

24: Oakland Raiders: Tre’Davious White (CB) LSU

Cornerbacks are rapidly disappearing now. Raiders were close last year, another good draft could cement them as AFC threat.

25: Houston Texans: Cam Robinson (OT) Alabama

I think this is another prime QB slot, because let’s face it, who is Tom Savage? But instead I’m taking another O Lineman.

26: Seattle Seahawks: Forrest Lamp (OG) Western Kentucky

Seahawks could really do with some better O Line play and if Lamp’s here, I’m not sure they can resist…although I really wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to trade back.

27: Kansas City Chiefs: Kevin King (CB) Washington

I think the Chiefs would love a guy opposite Peters, and despite there maybe being better corners available, loads of other people have mentioned King here so I will too!

28: Dallas Cowboys: Derek Barnett (DE) Tennessee

Cowboys have a great offense, they need to improve their D. Derek Barnett still being here is maybe a surprise, but the Cowboys won’t mind.

29: Green Bay Packers: Joe Mixon (RB) Oklahoma

I think the Packers could do with an RB, and Mixon is the best left available, comes with a lot of baggage, and rightly so, but the Packers could handle the press better than others.

30: Pittsburgh Steelers: Zach Terrell (QB) Western Michigan Caleb Brantley (DT) Florida

Couldn’t resist giving the Steelers a star of the future… But seriously, the Steelers will go best player available, that guy on my board is Brantley.

31: Atlanta Falcons: Adoree’ Jackson (CB) USC

As much as I hope Jackson will fall to the Ravens, I think he’ll be gone by their second round pick, if not here, certainly early in the second.

32: New Orleans Saints: Patrick Mahomes (QB) Texas Tech

Oh OK, as it’s the last pick I’ll take another QB. I think the more likely pick is another defensive player (OLB/Line) but lets finish the night off with a bang.


By the way if Jabrill Peppers falls to the Ravens in Round 2 I will be very happy :)