Life at the moment


So it has been a little while since I have managed to get my head together to write a blog. There has been a lot going on in my life that unfortunately I can’t go into specifics on. A number of difficult people have been making life harder than it needs to be for me, and this has sapped my strength and energy. I am trying my level best to continue to be positive during life’s hardships and God has been good during a number of things that would usually cause me to panic. I also have to thank God I have such a supportive husband when I get stressed and worried about things. I have been learning that sometimes when you can’t change something, there is no point worrying that you can’t change the outcome.

I recently had a week off and finally had some time to spend editing photos, which is something I find incredibly satisfying. I shan’t post any just yet, though be sure they will appear soon. There is something about removing unwanted parts of a photo, making the photo clearer and cleaner that I just love. I know many people feel odd about having photos being changed in that way, but I try to keep the image the same, just enhance it as best as I can. I’ve not had much time to take photos in 2015, which seems really absurd to me as it is now March. I just seem to have had a never-ending cough/cold (along with everything else). Just when I think I’m over it, the following day it returns. I think my camera is overdue a trip to a zoo.

On the plus side this year I have managed to lose a bit of weight and feel much fitter. I’ve not been on any diet, I just cut out cake and upped my exercise. (Never been on a diet, don’t intend to). I had forgotten how much I get out of just walking, jogging or (sometimes) running a route. There is something about having that peace from distractions and being able to just pray while I’m out that just puts things back into perspective. I often find myself over-thinking and jumping to conclusions, when I need to just put logic and a bit of perspective back into a situation. I think I care too much about too much, and I have to hand it over. It is all too easy to make everything negative when one thing is not going right, suddenly everything is not going right. All it takes sometimes is time with someone who cares, for me to just spill to and it all ceases to be the problem it once was. There have been so many people in the right place at the right time for me recently, and I cannot thank my friends enough for the support they give me in difficult situations.

I’ve sort of come full circle here and back to the blog situation. Much like Kieran I’ve not had much creative energy to write things, or I have written it and hated it. It takes a lot of me to put something down and hope that people will get things out of it. I’ve never sugar-coated things I write, which I partly why more gets deleted than posted. Life is not pink and fluffy, and sometimes I leave in too many hard edges in what I write. I don’t want people to think that I don’t enjoy life either, because I love what I do. I sometimes feel that many others have it easier, but that is a lie as each person faces their own challenges and I’ll never know the full picture. I know I’ve said this before and while it can be difficult, I will always try to build others up. I know I don’t always succeed, as I’m not perfect, but I give it my best.

I guess that’s it for an overview of things at the moment.